We are graduate and undergraduate students employed by the University of Washington to do instruction and research work (Teaching/Research Assistants, Trainees, Tutors, Graders, and others doing similar work). We are more than 4,000 strong at all three UW campuses (Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma). As Academic Student Employees (ASEs) we have a dual role at UW.

  • As students we gain access to knowledge and resources while we’re pursuing our degrees.
  • As employees we maintain instructional quality and access by providing over half the contact hours to undergraduates, and we conduct much of the research that brings more than $1 billion per year in grants and contracts to UW.

Collective bargaining gives us more power to address our unique standing as both students and employees because it enables us to decide our priorities democratically and negotiate with the University as equals.

Through the Union we have established strong employment rights and protections for ASEs and we’ve helped make the University more competitive by increasing wages and benefits. Through tremendous membership involvement in every discipline across campus we make our contract stronger and work for social justice on and off campus.