Fees Info


Op-eds further explaining fees:

Current Fees Proposals in the 6/1 Tentative Agreement:

7: Fee and Tuition Waivers

Removal of fee/tuition waiver loophole that would have allowed UW to change eligibility requirements for fee waivers, or to impose new fees that are not “student imposed.” They also proposed a Letter of Understanding and Memoranda of Understanding related to fees (see below).

NEW MOU: Lump Sum Payment

Each ASE with a 50% FTE appointment would receive a lump sum of $100 each academic year (received in the first quarter they work that academic year).

NEW LOU: U-PASS Coalition Bargaining

We would be able to participate in coalition bargaining with 3 other unions on campus this summer over the cost of the U-PASS in the upcoming contract.

Breakdown of fees currently not waived: