Union Staff


Union Staff/Contact Information

Some elected officers and UAW Local 4121 members are paid staff for the Local Union, per the bylaws.  All staff assist with contract enforcement, administration/compliance, membership outreach and education, coalition building, and in general carrying out the programs approved by members.  Current staff for the Local are:

David Parsons, President/Staff (david.parsons@uaw4121.org)

Sam Sumpter, Financial Secretary/Staff (sam.sumpter@uaw4121.org)

Phil Harding, Staff (phil.harding@uaw4121.org)

Sharon Crowley, Office Manager (sharon.crowley@uaw4121.org)

Dan Hart, Staff (dan.hart@uaw4121.org)


You should feel free to contact these staff or any union representatives if you ever have a question about any aspect of your work or the collective bargaining agreement.  You can also send communications to the main office at

UAW Local 4121

2633 Eastlake Ave E, Ste 200

Seattle, WA 98102