2017/18 Contract Campaign


The 2017-2018 Academic Year is an exciting one as we will be bargaining a new contract with the UW! This new agreement will govern a wide range of our working conditions and our relationship with the University: Our pay and stipends, benefits, rights, anti-discrimination and-harassment provisions, appointment security, funding for science, international and undocumented students’ rights, and more.

Our contract expires on April 30, but to negotiate a strong contract, it’s imperative we start organizing now. Starting in Fall Quarter, there will be a number of important opportunities to get involved and make your voice heard! Deep majority participation is critical to both develop a bargaining agenda that’s responsive to members’ priorities and to build a strong position going into bargaining.

Please take 5 minutes now to fill out the bargaining survey! This drives the bargaining agenda, so your input is crucial for having your voice represented.

This page will be updated regularly as the campaign progresses, so check back soon for more information. To get involved, or if you have any questions, please email uaw4121@uaw4121.org.