Membership Updates

Mar 092011
 March 9, 2011
Tell Your Legislators to Stop Attacks on Immigrants

Legislators have introduced an unfair and costly bill (SB 5407) that would restrict undocumented immigrants from acquiring driver’s licenses, making our roads less safe and burdening law enforcement officers during a time of strained resources.

Read more about how the legislature is disproportionately targeting immigrant communities to balance the budget.

Mar 072011
 March 7, 2011
Buy Union-Made UW Apparel

Alta Gracia brings the alternative of union-made college-logo t-shirts and sweatshirts to the U-Bookstore.  Workers  in the factory have negotiated [Read More…]

Mar 012011
 March 1, 2011
UW to UW Wisconsin Solidarity Rally

UAW Local 4121 members have been taking action in Olympia this past week to protect collective bargaining rights.

Join us on the UW Seattle campus this Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 10:30am by the George Washington Statue for the UW to UW Wisconsin Solidarity Rally.