Political Action

UAW V-CAP (Voluntary Community Action Program) is our union’s fund for political action and supporting candidates who advocate for the issues that directly affect us.  This is an important component of our collective ability to influence federal, state and local decision-making bodies to improve conditions for Academic Student Employees (ASEs) and other workers.  If you are eligible to vote in the U.S., please contribute and help hold politicians accountable!

Many ASEs make recurring contributions to UAW V-CAP by authorizing deductions from every UW paycheck.  You can also make a one-time contribution.

Recurring Contribution

To make a recurring contribution that is automatically deducted from your UW paycheck, please complete this form!

One-Time Contribution

To make a one-time contribution online, please select a contribution amount and enter your payment information at the link below:

Contribution Amount

For more information about our Local’s political action, check out the Political Working Group’s page.