Health Care


The health care working group seeks to support ASEs with health care through Graduate Appointee Insurance Program (GAIP) and Postdocs through Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB).  This includes enforcing our contractual rights with respect to health insurance, improving and expanding upon GAIP, participating in PEBB coalition bargaining, and working towards universal health care.

GAIP provides 50% appointees with $0 premium health insurance and dependent coverage paid 2/3 by UW.  The plan provides dental and vision coverage, and is transgender inclusive.

Recent GAIP Health Care Updates

After 2018 ASE contract negotiations, we’ve continued to push for improvements to plan administration and benefit design and to work with members who had improperly received benefits that were inferior to what was contractually guaranteed. UW and Lifewise have agreed to expand the prescription drug network beyond the UW pharmacies.  Pharmacies that participate in Lifewise Express Scripts will be treated as in-network pharmacies. This expansion which will add hundreds of pharmacies in the Puget Sound area has been filed with the Office of the Insurance Commisioner (OIC). Lifewise anticipates that the OIC will approve the change by late February or March.  The GAIP website will provide a complete listing when this benefit comes online, but this should make it easier for ASEs to access prescriptions outside of Seattle and after hours, including at places like Bartells and Walgreens. We’ll provide more information as this expansion comes on line.

Also recently UAW 4121 members met with UW Benefits reps to discuss further clarifying benefit design for members with trans* health care needs. UW was receptive to continuing to improve these aspects of the plan, and any member who wishes to provide input or get involved should email the trans-equity working group at

Finally, Lifewise has indicated that they have finished reprocessing claims for the 2014-15 plan year.  If you had a claim from last year that should have been reprocessed (see here for a list of affected services) and you have not received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Lifewise for this claim, either in the mail or online,  please contact Lifewise.  If you need assistance or encounter any issues please feel free to contact UW Benefits ( and please cc the health care working group (


If you have any questions, need assistance with GAIP, PEBB, other health care issues, or would like to join the working group, please email We also have a Trans Equity Working Group that focuses on issues specific to trans ASEs. See the Trans Equity page or email for more information.