Housing Justice

Who We Are

Our Housing Justice Work Group is focused on issues of housing affordability, homelessness, rent control, Tent City 3 (coming to UW Winter 2017!), LGBTQ/youth homelessness, etc. 

Move-In Fees Legislation: Help us support Kshama Sawant and Washington CAN’s important Move-In Fee Legislation! The Seattle City Council is considering Move-In Fee Legislation that would require landlords to accept payment plans for nonrefundable fees, security deposit, and last month’s rent. At a recent City Council meeting, this legislation was sent back to committee, and though City Council has committed to scheduling a special meeting in November to reconsider it, we continue to push to ensure that it remains strong. Show the city council that you support this legislation by signing on to this letter of support!

Resources & Information

Washington Community Action Network
Tent City 3
Tent City 3 at UW
Washington Tenant’s Union

Get Involved

We’re always open to new members! If you’d like to get more involved, or would just like more information, please email us at housing-justice@uaw4121.org. Check out the UAW 4121 Calendar for updated information about our next meeting time and location!