Know Your Rights – Salaried ASEs


All Salaried ASEs Are Covered By the Following:

Non-Discrimination & Harassment

You have strong protections against discrimination and harassment to ensure that UW remains welcoming and accessible to all populations. Our contract includes:

  • Protection against discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, microaggressions, hostile workplaces, and retaliation
  • Robust complaint process for harassment issues, including interim measures to support you during the course of an investigation 
  • Guaranteed access to safe and comfortable all-gender restrooms
Dispute Resolution / Grievance Procedure

You have access to a strong grievance procedure with neutral third party arbitration and union representation throughout the process. Be sure to contact your union rep immediately if you ever have questions/concerns so your rights are protected.

Workload & Academic Excellence

Sometimes our assigned employment duties get in the way of finishing our degrees. Our contract establishes protections against excessive workload (220 hours per quarter for ASEs with 50% FTE appointments), prevents assignment of unpaid work, and provides ways for you to ensure that quality is maintained when resources are cut or class sizes increase.

Right to Representation

As a unionized worker you have the unequivocal right to representation in any discussion where you face discipline or termination.

Appointment Security

You are entitled to keep any ASE appointment the University has offered you, even if something changes (e.g. funding goes away or a course is cancelled).


All ASEs will receive wage increases each year on July 1st. In the past five years, ASEs in base rate departments have seen a more than 50% increase, and our advocacy on and off campus has resulted in the minimum wage increasing in keeping with City of Seattle standards.


You are eligible for $1250 per quarter for qualifying childcare expenses if you do not already receive support through the UW Childcare Assistance Program. You are also entitled to access lactation stations: for locations, check out

Health Insurance

50% FTE appointees are entitled to $0 premium health insurance and dependent coverage paid 2/3 by UW. Our plan provides dental and vision coverage, and is fully transgender inclusive. Full details at

Leave & Time Off

If you are a 50% FTE employee, you are contractually entitled to:

  • One week per quarter of paid vacation time off
  • Up to 7 days of paid sick and safe
  • Up to one quarter of unpaid leave with health insurance
  • Beginning January1, 2020, you are entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid family leave if you worked 820 hours in the prior year.

If you experience problems in any of these areas, please get in contact with us immediately, even if you’ve already contacted another campus resource or aren’t sure what you’d like to do. A union representative can help you figure out your options, and will advocate for you.

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