See Your Dues in Action Since UW Academic Workers Formed a Union:

Improved Pay:

  • Base wages have increased by greater than 50% over the past five years for the typical RA/TA;
  • Salaries have increased by nearly $7,500 per academic year for the typical RA/TA.

Improved Benefits:

  • The International Student Fee was eliminated and building fee fully waived, a savings of up to $770 per year;
  • Child care subsidies totaling $3,600 per year are now available;
  • $7 million dollars recovered for employees in pay and benefits through grievances;
  • Health Insurance benefits have improved and RA/TAs pay no premiums for their own coverage;
  • Dependent health insurance benefits have improved, and UW covers 65% of dependent premiums.

Improved Rights At Work:

  • Protection from microaggressions;
  • Access to all-gender bathrooms;
  • Eliminated the International Student Fee.

A Stronger Voice:

  • Filed a declaration to the WA state Attorney General’s lawsuits and the Supreme Court against Trump’s Anti-Muslim Travel Ban;
  • Helped TAs and RAs at Washington State University and Postdocs at UW to win collective bargaining rights under WA law;
  • Fought for the inclusion of Postdocs in the new federal overtime regulations;
  • Fought for the extension of OPT;
  • Advocated for the WA State Paid Family-Medical Leave Act.

Membership dues make your union strong!  Dues cover all of the cost of having a strong union, including:

  • organizing resources to grow our strength;
  • subject experts to negotiate on equal terms with UW’s consultants to bargain the strongest contract possible;
  • legal and grievance representation costs to enforce our rights; and
  • staffing, rent, equipment, and supplies to support day-to-day costs.

Dues in UAW Local 4121 are 1.44% of gross pay ($30 per pay period and $720 per year based on $50,000 salary) received from UW for work performed that is covered by the contract.

Learn more about dues and how dues money is allocated: see our most recent IRS 990 and Hudson Report here