Childcare Subsidies


Childcare Assistance

As part of our commitment to accessibility for ASE parents, we’ve bargained childcare assistance for Academic Student Employees (ASEs) who do not receive funds from the Childcare Assistance Program (CAP).

Under this program ASEs may receive up to $900 per quarter of assistance to offset eligible childcare expenses.  A maximum of $45,000 will be distributed to support ASE awards during each year.  The ASE childcare program will be administered by the Student Parent Resource Center.

ASEs who have not yet applied for the CAP and ASEs who had their applications rejected can continue to submit applications until the funding runs out.  ASEs who have already been awarded the childcare benefit do not need to re-apply.

To Apply

If you are a parent with a current ASE appointment, and wish to apply for this benefit, YOU MUST SUBMIT AN APPLICATION FOR THE CHILDCARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AS WELL AS A COMPLETED FAFSA.

If, pursuant to this application, you are given a childcare assistance award, you will not be considered for the ASE benefit.  If you are not given an award your application will be automatically considered for the ASE benefit.  UW will automatically disburse to ASEs as many awards as are available, up to the maximum of $45,000 each year.

Please contact UAW Local 4121 with any questions about this program.  If you have specific questions about your application please contact Samantha Whyte ( or telephone 206-543-6122.

Child Care Emergencies

Our collective bargaining agreement provides that ASEs with 50% FTE appointments are provided one (1) four hour paid leave of absence day (see Article 16) for child care emergencies.  This is defined as a situation causing an employee’s inability to report for or continue scheduled work because of emergency child care requirements such as unexpected absence of regular care provider, unexpected closure of the child’s school, or unexpected need to pick up child at school earlier than normal.