UAW 4121

Update Your Address for Important UAW Vote

Yesterday, you should have received an email with information about an important upcoming UAW-wide referendum, 1 Member 1 Vote (1M1V). 1M1V would change the way officers of the UAW International Executive Board (IEB) are elected. Under the current system, each Local elects a proportionate number of delegates who then vote for IEB officers. 1M1V would change this to a system where every UAW member votes directly for IEB officers.

Because the 1M1V referendum vote is UAW-wide, it’s different from other votes we’ve had as a union. The vote will be conducted in the fall via mail-in ballot. To ensure you get your ballot, please make sure the address you have on file is up to date. Yesterday’s email contains the mailing address we currently have on file for you. If this is not your current mailing address, please update your address by filling out this form by July 27 at 5pm. Alternately, if you’ve left UW and are no longer a member, please fill out this short form.

Vote! Vote! And Get Out the Vote!

Ballots for the August 3rd primary are hitting mailboxes this week! There are so many important races this year that will decide how our cities and counties approach climate and racial justice, public safety, COVID relief, and affordable housing and economic recovery. Read more about our endorsed candidates that share our values and will fight for working people on our website! Remember you can return your ballot via mail (no postage required) or by dropping it in a ballot drop box in King County or Pierce County.

Still need to register to vote or update your address? No problem! King and Pierce County residents can register to vote online or by mail through July 26th and in person through August 3rd. Note: if you do not have a WA State ID, you can still register to vote either in person or by mail. Click here for more information.

Help get out the UAW 4121 vote! The Political Workgroup is hosting a phone and text bank to connect with fellow members and remind them to vote. When more UAW 4121 members are engaged and vote, we are building power across the city and region to elect leaders who will fight for our members. You can help get these candidates elected by signing up to phone or text bank on Thursday, July 29th at 4pm. RSVP here!

Now Hiring! Postdoc EPIC Trainer 

Empowering Prevention and Inclusive Communities (EPIC) is hiring 2 new Postdoc training specialists! The EPIC program is an innovative peer-to-peer harassment prevention training program jointly run between our union and the university, and was a major win from the most recent ASE and Postdoc contracts.

The Postdoctoral Scholar Training Specialist positions will have the opportunity to work with a team to develop, implement, and evaluate the EPIC program. The Training Specialist is a 20% FTE position. This position focuses on working with the UW Postdoctoral Scholar community and will build on the EPIC program that was originally developed in 2018-2019. The Training Specialist will facilitate trainings and support the wellbeing and safety of the University of Washington community. The training program includes information regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, intersectional power dynamics, bystander intervention strategies, response options, UW policies and procedures, and union rights. You can apply on UW Hires (UW Requisition #189319).

In Solidarity,

Douglas Avella-Castro
Leandro Casiraghi
Amanda Clouser
Max Friedfeld
Kaelie Giffel
Vern Harner
Dan Hart
Colleen Hoffman
Levin Kim
Brianne King
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Avi Matarasso
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