Take a few minutes now to add your voice to the Equity Survey!

Our annual Equity Survey gathers information about the specific harassment, discrimination, and inclusion issues Academic Student Employees and Postdocs are facing at UW. By participating in the survey, you are taking part in a union-wide effort to better understand our positions as workers and to build our collective power. It also means we will be in a stronger position for bargaining in 2021 as this survey will help generate powerful evidence to take to the bargaining table.

Unlike the climate survey distributed through the university, this equity survey was developed by ASEs and Postdocs, with agreement from the university, and will be analyzed by us as well. By enabling us to identify patterns of harassment and discrimination at UW, it directly contributes to our ability to develop strategies for transforming structural sources of inequity at UW and to build a more inclusive and accessible university community.

This survey is administered through Catalyst in order to ensure each person only fills it out once, but your responses won’t be connected with your identifying information.

In 2018, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) released a report showing that rates of sexual harassment and assault are pervasive throughout academia – second, in fact, only to the U.S. military. In equity surveys we conducted during the 2018-2019 academic year among postdocs and academic student employees (ASEs), we found similarly high rates, with 60% of women, 40% of men, and 80% of non-binary people reporting experiences with harassment while at UW. Check out the full analysis of these surveys at the links below: