Yellow banner with the blue UAW 4121 wheel logo and the words "2022 Endorsements"Tuesday, November 8th is a critical election for Washington state legislative and congressional races.  If you’re registered to vote in WA, you should have received your ballot by now: please take a minute to send it in!  Our work to dismantle racism, anti-Blackness, and economic exploitation; to ensure that struggling students and workers receive critical support and protections regardless of citizenship; to pass housing affordability and progressive taxation legislation; to prioritize climate justice; to fight back against right wing attacks that strip our fundamental human rights: will all be heavily influenced by who is making decisions in Olympia and Washington D.C.  Midterm elections are an especially important way to influence the outcome: your vote makes a difference! 

The deadline to register to vote or update your address (and still receive a mail-in ballot) is October 31st. After that, register in person through November 8th (check out this page for more information). If you are returning your ballot via mail, make sure it get in BEFORE November 8th, and if ballot drop boxes are your thing, they close promptly at 8pm on Election Day.

Through our Political Work Group, UAW 4121 members assembled questionnaires, reviewed candidate responses and their records on our core issues, and conducted several candidate interviews. The result is a strong slate of recommendations that, if elected, will fight for issues most important to us. Below are our UAW recommendations! Scroll down for more information and feel free to email if you have any questions, would like additional information on any of these candidates, or would like to get involved.


Congressional District 3: Marie Gluesenkamp Perez
Congressional District 5: Natasha Hill
Congressional District 7: Pramila Jayapal
Congressional District 8: Dr. Kim Schrier
Senate: Patty Murray


King County Prosecutor: Leesa Manion
Seattle Municipal Court Judge Pos 3: Pooja Vaddadi
Seattle Municipal Court Judge Pos : Damon Shadid
Seattle Proposition: 1B (Rank Choice Voting)

WA State

State Rep 1 in LD 3: Marcus Riccelli
State Rep 2 in LD 3: Timm Ormsby
State Rep 1 in LD 11: David Hackney
State Senate in LD 21: Marko Liias
State Senate in LD 26: Emily Randall
State Rep 1 in LD 27: Laurie Jinkins
State Senate in LD 27: Yasmin Trudeau
State Rep 1 in LD 28: Mari Leavitt
State Rep 1 in LD 29: Melanie Morgan
State Rep 2 in LD 29: Sharlett Mena
State Rep 1 in LD 30: Jamila Taylor
State Senate in LD 30: Claire Wilson
State Rep 2 in LD 34: Emily Alvarado
State Senate in LD 34: Joe Ngyuen
State Rep 1 in LD 36: Liz Berry
State Senate in LD 36: Noel Frame
State Rep 2 in LD 37: Emijah Smith
State Senate in LD 37: Rebecca Saldaña
State Rep 1 in LD 40: Debra Lekanoff
State Senate in LD 42: Sharon Shewmake
State Rep 1 in LD 43: Nicole Macri
State Rep 2 in LD 43: Frank Chopp
State Rep 2 in LD 44: April Berg
State Rep 1 in LD 46: Gerry Pollet
State Rep 2 in LD 46: Darya Farivar
State Senate in LD 46: Javier Valdez
State Rep 1 in LD 48: Vandana Slatter