This page will be updated soon with results of the November 2020 Steward and Vacancies Elections. In the meantime, you can access the results of those elections here.

Meet your representatives! 

UAW 4121 is run by and for Academic Student Employees and Postdocs at UW. Members democratically elect ASEs and Postdocs who coordinate and implement Local organizing and bargaining strategies, enforce our contracts and support members through grievances, and carry out the day-to-day business of the Local. Working groups are open to all members, and to get involved you can email each group at the links below. Through working groups, members develop ongoing campaigns focused on specific issues, such as international scholars, improving equity at UW, and environmental justice.

Find your department steward and learn more below. Email uaw4121@uaw4121.org if you have questions or want to get more involved!

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Executive Board

Working Groups
ASE Unit Leadership
Postdoc Unit Leadership

ASE Stewards
Postdoc Stewards
Election Committee
Bylaws Committee
Defense Committee
UW Campus-Wide Health and Safety Committee
International Convention Delegates

Postdoc Unit Leadership

Postdoc Unit ChairMax Friedfeld
Postdoc Unit Recording SecretaryColleen Hoffman
Postdoc Head StewardsAmanda Clouser
Elena Pandres
Chris Zimmerman
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ASE Stewards

Aeronautics and AstronauticsAnna J Sheppard
Applied MathematicsNatalie Wallen
Aquatic and Fishery SciencesShelley Johnson
Asian Languages and LiteratureNobuko Horikawa
AstronomyMeredith Durbin
Atmospheric SciencesRachel Atlas
Aodhan John Sweeney
BiochemistryJustin Applegate
BioengineeringBriana Smith
Susana Simmonds Bohorquez
Nicole Gregorio
BiologyEvan Craig
Adamaris Muniz Tirado
Yasmeen Erritouni
Nina Galanter
Anand Hemmady
Chemical EngineeringOrion Dollar
ChemistrySarah Sweger
Benjamin Link
Florence Dou
Helen Larson
Cinema and Media StudiesGaurav Pai
CommunicationErin Keoppen
Computer Science and EngineeringJulia Ball
Phil Garrison
Christine Geeng
Max Gray
Shana Hutchison
Naveena Karusala
Audrey Seo
Daniel He
Leah Perlmutter
Martin Kellogg
Sandesh Adhikary
Kentrell Owens
Miranda Wei
DanceYebel Gallegos
DramaEmily Stone
Earth and Space SciencesPeter Lindquist
EducationGeorge Schafer
Jonathan Fisher
Electrical and Computer EngineeringSachin Nayak
Michael Nolan
Deniz Dosluoglu
Mareldi Ahumada
EnglishCaitlin Postal
MiMissy Gonzalezssy Gonzalez
Environmental and Occupational Health SciencesAlicia Hendrix
EpidemiologyJessica Seiler
ForestrySSophia Courtneyophia Courtney
Genome Sciences LLuana Paleologuuana Paleologu
GeographyKen Wolkin
Information SchoolMina Tari
Rachel Franz
Ana Bennett
LinguisticsAngelina McMillan-Major
MathematicsNico Courts
Molecular EngineeringSin Marx
Candace Young
OceanographySarah Ragen
PathologyKurt Berckmueller
PharmacologyAnthony English
PhilosophyMichael Ball-blakely
PhysicsAnthony Ciavarella
Eli Lilleskov
Pyxie Star
Nicel Mohamed-Hinds
Political ScienceRutger Ceballos
Grace Reinke
PsychologyAdam Kuczynski
Dominic Sivitilli
Social WorkSarah Porter
Speech and Hearing SciencesElise Lebovidge
StatisticsPeter Gao
Alan Min

Postdoc Stewards

APL: Polar Science CenterMaddie Smith
BioengineeringTara Mccray
BiologyAlison Weber
Chemical EngineeringTeresa Rapp
ChemistryVenkat Vidadala
Xudong Wang
MathematicsSilvia Ghinassi
OceanographyKoko Kunde
PharmacologyTim Mackie
PhysicsMawande Lushozi
Christian Zimmermann
PsychologyKim Meier
SMEA/CICOESBraeden Van Deynze
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Election Committee

MembersDavid Carlson
Victor Hu
Sage Scheiwiller
Kirill Tchernyshyov
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Bylaws Committee

MembersTina Angerer
Max Friedfeld
Dan Hart
Hannah Horowitz
Tim Mackie
Shua Sanchez
Sam Sumpter
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Defense Committee

MembersMeredith Durbin
Rutger Ceballos
Anthony Ciavarella
Tyler Gordon
Julia Smith
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UW Campus-Wide Health and Safety Committee

MembersChristine Kang (ASE Unit)
Amanda Clouser (Postdoc Unit)
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International Convention Delegates

MembersMonica Cortes Viharo
Dan Hart
David Parsons
Emily Myers
Sam Sumpter
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