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UAW 4121 is run by and for Academic Student Employees and Postdocs at UW. Members democratically elect Stewards, Head Stewards, and Executive Board members who coordinate and implement Local organizing and bargaining strategies, enforce our contracts and support members through grievances, and carry out the day-to-day business of the Local. Working groups are open to all members, and to get involved you can email each group at the links below. Through working groups, members develop ongoing campaigns focused on specific issues, such as international scholars, improving equity at UW, and environmental justice.

Find your department Steward and learn more below. Email uaw4121@uaw4121.org if you have questions or want to get more involved!

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Executive Board

Working Groups
ASE Unit Leadership
Postdoc Unit Leadership

ASE Stewards
Postdoc Stewards
Election Committee
Bylaws Committee
UW Campus-Wide Health and Safety Committee
International Convention Delegates

ASE Unit Leadership

ASE Unit ChairNatalie Wellen
ASE Unit Recording Secretary
ASE Head StewardsJustin Applegate
Ana Bennett
Tahiyat Rahman
Anastasia Schaadhardt
Yuying Xie
Soohyung Hur
Francesca Colonnese
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Postdoc Unit Leadership

Postdoc Unit Chair
Postdoc Unit Recording SecretaryPat Erickson
Postdoc Head Stewards
Rebecca Bluett
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ASE Stewards

Applied MathematicsErin Angelini
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Christopher Setzke
Asian Languages and LiteratureAmi Tanahashi
BioengineeringSusana Simmonds Bohorquez
Nicole Gregorio
Biological StructureJacob North
BiologyAmy Platenkamp
Yasmeen Erritouni
Katie Paulson
Ellen Graham
Academic Support Programs - CLUEMadeline Werner
Chemical EngineeringJack Hoye
William Wixson
ChemistryHelen Larson
Sasha Naomi
Maddie Breshears
Doria Unrau
Cinema and Media StudiesCain Miller
CommunicationErin Keoppen
Computer Science and EngineeringLeah Perlmutter
Amal Nanavati
Kyle Deeds
Mitchell Levy
Anna Spiro
Carina Imburgia
Kentrell Owens
Luke Snyder
Miranda Wei
Earth and Space SciencesPeter Lindquist
Electrical and Computer EngineeringChristopher Yin
Sachin Nayak
Deniz Dosluoglu
EnglishMicaela Chavez
Missy Gonzalez
Evans School Of Public Policy And GovernanceMatthew Mitnick
SEFSSofi Courtney
Genome Sciences Luana Paleologu
Joseph Min
GeographyClara Lemme Ribeiro
Human Centered Design & EngineeringCaitie Lustig
Information SchoolIzzi Grasso
Marine and Environmental AffairsKurt Ellison
MathematicsNatasha Crepeau
Nelson Niu
Tracy Chin
Mechanical EngineeringAlexander Novokhodko
Sree Rajagopal
Julio Chavez-Dorado
MicrobiologyElliot Lee
Molecular & Cellular BiologyViolet Sorrentino
Neuroscience / Physiology and BiophysicsScott Sterrett
OWRCAnita Zeng
Pathology & Lab MedicineJack Castelli
PhilosophyErica Bigelow
PhysicsIvan Chernyshev
Elias Lilleskov
Jane Gunnell
Carl Thomas
Political ScienceCody Little
PsychologyLauren Smith
Dominic Sivitilli
SociologyTodd Nobles
Speech and Hearing SciencesElise Lebovidge

Postdoc Stewards

BiochemistryJohn Wang
ChemistrySarah Pristash
Dentistry/OrthodonticsDoris Haydee Rosero Salazar
Electrical and Computer EngineeringBrant Bowers
Mechanical EngineeringKee Onn Fong
MicrobiologyLauren Shull
PBIOMoshe Gordon
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Election Committee

MembersEva Maxfield Brown
Ben Link
Lidia Morris
Al Snow
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Bylaws Committee

MembersVern Harner
Levin Kim
Max Friedfeld
Avi Matarasso
Anastasia Schaadhardt
Sam Sumpter
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UW Campus-Wide Health and Safety Committee

MembersChristine Kang (ASE Unit)
Amanda Clouser (Postdoc Unit)
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International Convention Delegates

MembersMax Friedfeld
Levin Kim
Mara Rafferty
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