Our History

A Brief History of ASE and Postdoc Collective Bargaining at UW: 

In 2004 UAW Local 4121 members ratified our first collective bargaining agreement with UW. In the more than twenty years we’ve had collective bargaining, we have won the following:

  • Improved Compensation and Benefits that enhance our standard of living: a current graduate RA or TA enjoys on average $3,978 more per year in salary, saves as much as $770 per year through our contractual protection against having to pay newly-created student fees, has access to up to $2600 per year in newly-established childcare subsides, and has better health benefits, vacation and family leave benefits.
  • Expanded Rights that help us focus on quality teaching and research: protection against unreasonable teaching loads, job security, health and safety protections, and other important rights.
  • A Stronger Voice in policy matters that affect us as public university employees, such as federal funding for research, comprehensive immigration reform, and for higher education funding in our state.

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