When/Where: Today at 11 AM, Outside the Communications Building

On Friday, UW academic student employees (ASEs) received a letter from Deans Eaton and Taylor. With thinly-veiled threats, the Deans attempted to intimidate and misinform ASEs about UAW 4121’s ongoing strike authorization vote.

But apparently Deans Eaton and Taylor forgot that many UAW 4121 members spend quite a lot of time grading written documents. We’re familiar with the problems of insufficient evidence, logical fallacies, and misguided estimations of one’s audience. So when we received the Deans’ letter, we couldn’t help but scribble a few comments in the margins–and assign their letter a failing grade.

Join us this morning as we deliver a “graded” copy of the letter to Dean Eaton and send a clear message to the administration: UW’s intimidation attempt has *failed.*

We’ll meet outside the Communications Building (CMU) at 11am. Hope to see you there!

We received many thoughtful responses from members to the Deans’ letter, so we started a tumblr to catalogue them: http://uaw4121letterresponses.tumblr.com/.  If you have something you’d like to say about the Deans’ letter, please let us know or enter a submission on the tumblr.