UNITEHERE Local 8 has placed the downtown Seattle Hilton on the MLKCLC Do Not Patronize/Unfair to Workers list. We are asking our affiliates and friends of labor to boycott the Seattle Hilton. (Please note: this boycott is not in effect for the Sea-Tac Airport Hilton.)


Seattle Westin update

The Seattle Westin workers have decided to extend the timeline for the boycott until after the coming bargaining session, which will take place either on Nov. 8th or 9th.  If UNITEHERE is not able to reach a settlement at that time, they will be calling for a boycott effective immediately.


Most excused non-performance and force majeure clauses protect organizations from so-called “acts of God.” However, many such clauses include language that indemnifies organizations for meeting cancellations which are caused by labor disputes. Such language has been successfully used by many organizations for this purpose. http://www.hotelworkersrising.org/media/modelprotectivelanguage.pdf


For more information or if you have an event planned at the Seattle Hilton or Seattle Westin or are considering an event, please contact Jeane Cameron at UNITEHERE Local 8 at (206) 963-0905 or (206)470-2988.