Bylaws Committee Report, from the meeting on April 11th, 2016 concerning the amendment referred to the committee at the membership meeting on March 10th, 2016.

The bylaws committee finds that the proposed amendment to the bylaws is neither entirely constitutional nor entirely unconstitutional, and that in several instances the constitutionality of the proposed amendment is unclear.

The committee finds that the constitutionality of changes to membership requirements and of the staff forming an independent union are unclear; that changes to the length of terms conflict with the constitutional requirement of three-year terms; that while term limits in and of themselves are not necessarily unconstitutional, the implementation of the proposed term limits relies on the aforementioned changes to term length and additionally conflicts with the existing triennial election schedule as stated in the bylaws; and that changes to pay and the requirement to post names on the website are not in conflict with the constitution or existing bylaws.

Matt Bellinger, Chair

For full text of the proposed amendment with annotations from the Bylaws Committee, please see this PDF.