Initial Demands

UPDATE: As of our first bargaining session, 2500 ASEs have signed on in support of the initial demands!

We, Academic Student Employees (ASEs), ratify these contract demands to improve our working conditions and the University of Washington (UW) for all students, workers, and community members who attend, work at, and benefit from the University. We recognize the robust connections between the equitable treatment of ASEs and the advancement of the University’s broader mission as a center for research, education, and public service. These demands were developed based on over 2200 bargaining surveys completed by a majority of ASEs.

  1. Improve ASE compensation and standards of living.  UW Admin must support the essential labor of all ASEs through the improvement of overall compensation and living standards to keep pace with the rising cost of living in our region, increased tuition and fees, escalating debt, and rising ASE compensation at UW’s peer institutions.
  2. Increase inclusivity, accessibility, and equity. To make the University more diverse, equitable, and accessible, UW Admin must agree to changes in policies and practices that perpetuate patterns of disadvantage, discrimination, and harassment.
  3. Improve family-friendly benefits. ASEs who are parents or have other family care responsibilities face considerable challenges. The UW Admin must increase support for ASEs with parental and family care roles who are dealing with limited leave, the exorbitant costs of care, and the lack of access to childcare on and around campus.
  4. Improve academic quality.  UW Admin must agree to changes that promote academic excellence in ASEs’ work assignments, and protect against detrimental changes (to enrollment, assignment volume, diminishing resources, grading practices, etc.).
  5. Improve security of ASE positions.  ASEs play a critical role in delivering world-renowned instruction and research at UW.  UW Admin must improve job security for ASEs and increase the number of appointments that are fully funded while reducing the administrative bloat and wasteful spending that impedes academic progress and democracy through practices such as opposing the rights of employees (Postdocs or the Faculty) to form unions and exercise their rights, and engaging in debacles such as the cost overruns and incompetent implementation of Workday.
  6. Improve ASE health care. Concerns about health care — including mental health — distract ASEs from research and instruction. UW Admin must agree to a health plan that’s transparent, family-friendly, inclusive, socially responsible, and ensures efficient use of public resources.
  7. Expand union orientation for new ASEs.  ASEs work best when we have full knowledge of our rights and responsibilities as employees.  UW Admin must agree to the fullest access of the union to new ASE orientations and onboarding to facilitate educating ASEs.
  8. Maintain rights, pay, and benefits of the existing contract not addressed above.