Bargaining Proposals

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The ratification vote is now open! Ballots were sent around 9:30am on Sat 6/2 with the subject line “Your Ratification Vote Ballot and More Info.” If you can’t find yours or haven’t received it, please email the Elections Committee at

UW’s 6/1 Last, Best, and Final Offer

7: Fee and Tuition Waivers

Removal of fee/tuition waiver loophole that would have allowed UW to change eligibility requirements for fee waivers, or to impose new fees that are not “student imposed.” They also proposed a Letter of Understanding and Memoranda of Understanding related to fees (see below).

NEW MOU: Lump Sum Payment

Each ASE with a 50% FTE appointment would receive a lump sum of $100 each academic year (received in the first quarter they work that academic year).  

NEW LOU: U-PASS Coalition Bargaining

We would be able to participate in coalition bargaining with 3 other unions on campus this summer over the cost of the U-PASS in the upcoming contract.

32: Wages

UW Admin has maintained their proposal for a 2% wage increase for each year of a three year contract.

5: Childcare

Quarterly childcare subsidies would be increased from $900 to $1250 and the overall fund would be increased from $45,000 to $60,000. (This is a change from their previous proposal, which maintained the overall fund at $45,000.)

12: Insurance Programs

(Highlighted are changes from current Appendix 1, which is otherwise the same as current language.) On May 14 – the eve of our one-day strike, after months of no movement whatsoever — UW made significant movement towards us on insurance: For trans health, they gave us a real proposal that accomplishes everything we have been demanding. For mental health, they proposed waiving deductibles for mental health coverage (regardless of whether in-network or out-of-network).

35: Duration

We are now both proposing 3-year contracts. This article will remain open until we reach tentative agreement on everything else.

In addition, Admin’s final offer also includes proposals we’ve already reached tentative agreement on:

19: Non-Discrimination and Harassment
  • Added language guaranteeing protection from retaliation when an ASE reports discrimination
  • Added language formerly in an MOU that defines and protects ASEs from microaggressions
  • Added language entitling ASEs to interim measures in the complaint procedure so they can continue to work and learn during a harassment investigation in an environment free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Added language ensuring resolutions for harassment grievances will allow ASEs to continue their work/learning free from harassment
  • Added language that will include information about workers’ rights and everything the union can provide through the contract in all initial emails the University’s discrimination complaint office sends during their investigations
  • Added language that will establish an annual equity survey jointly developed by the University and the Union, which will be distributed to all ASEs. Each year the Union and the University will meet to discuss the survey results and strategize further steps to promote equity & accountability.
NEW MOU Sexual Harassment and Prevention Training

This new language establishes a sexual harassment training program jointly developed and administered by the UW and paid ASEs, to be conducted for all new ASEs each year. This is a major win and represents a paradigm shift in how sexual harassment trainings are developed and administered — these will be specifically geared towards our unique position as ASEs and the power dynamics we work within, and will importantly be developed and conducted by our peers (whereas every other model currently used at UW and within the research on sexual harassment training is developed and administered by HR reps or supervisors).

28: Union Rights

Guaranteed union orientation for ALL new ASEs, massively expanding our ability to provide clear information to ASEs about their rights under the contract. Orientations will now also be held on paid time. Agreed that the Union would jointly develop the training conducted for administrators regarding changes in the new contract. Added list of fields the University provides to the Union each pay period.

8: Grievance Procedure

Added language formerly in an MOU that guarantees one regularly scheduled arbitration each quarter. This significantly reduces the length of time it takes to resolve grievances and encourages UW administrators to settle grievances in a more timely and fair manner.

NEW ARTICLE: Hourly Pay Scale Transparency

Guaranteed that all hourly pay rates will be transparently posted online. Research has shown that transparency of pay rates is a key factor in ensuring equitable pay across identity categories.

16: Leaves

Expanded the definition of family members to include children, parents, and grandparents of the ASE’s partner; and to include foster-, step- and de facto parents. Updated & improved sick leave usages for both hourly and salaried ASEs to include (among other things) emergency child care, reasons related to domestic violence, and personal or dependents’ medical appointments. Also updated and improved sick leave accruals such that hourly ASEs can now accrue sick leave.

NEW MOU: Paid Family & Medical Leave Premiums

Once rule-making for the new Paid Family and Medical Leave (SSB 5975) has been completed, the Union can reopen Article 16 (Leaves) to negotiate changes regarding that law

4: Appointment & Reappointment Notification and Job Description

Added that appointments can be offered via email

13: Job Posting

Clarified where job postings can be found online

14: Job Titles & Classifications

Updated job codes, clarified qualifications, and eliminated redundant/obsolete titles

What We’ve Maintained at Current Contract Language:

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