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Sunday: Canvass for Nikkita & Union Social!

Purple banner with Nikkita for Nine and UAW 4121 Logos on either end. Yellow text in the middle reads "Canvass with #Nikkita4Nine, Sunday June 27 at 10am, Magnuson Community Center"

This Sunday, we’re co-sponsoring a canvass for Nikkita Oliver in their campaign for Seattle City Council. Nikkita will be a champion on issues that are important to 4121 members – issues like health care, environmental justice, systemic racism and police brutality, education, housing affordability, and more. Join fellow 4121 members Sunday 6/27 at 10am at the Magnuson Community Center to doorknock and help build power for this critical campaign! RSVP here.

Banner with blue and yellow waves and clouds in the background. A yellow box in the center reads "Save the Date: June 27 @ 1pm, 20th Anniversary Party & Social". The blue UAW wheel logo is in the bottom right corner.

After the canvass, head over to Cowen Park for our end of the year social from 1-3pm! Everyone is welcome to join at any time for light snacks, a few pumps of hand sanitizer, getting to know union members across departments, plugging into ongoing work, and learning a little bit more about our history of a union while we celebrate the end of the academic year. RSVP here:

Summer Workshops to Build Power

Please RSVP for this summer’s Workshops to Build Power! Join fellow 4121 members across UW for a series of organizing trainings to learn more about what we can each do to help build our collective power, both in preparing for our next contract campaigns and to win on important issues outside of bargaining. These trainings cover critical skills and information for department stewards, but they’re also open to anyone interested in honing their organizing skills and getting more involved. For more information about each session, check out the RSVP form!
  • Session 2: Empowering Prevention & Inclusive Communities 1.0 (Thur 7/1, 6-7:30pm).
  • Session 3: Empowering Prevention & Inclusive Communities 2.0 (Thur 7/8, 5-6:30pm).
  • Session 4: Organizing an Empowering New Member Orientation (Thur 7/15, 5-6:30pm).
  • Session 5: Power Analysis & Building a Departmental Campaign (Thur 7/22, 5-6:30pm).

Climate Justice and the HEAL Act Implementation

Our Climate Justice workgroup was highly engaged in passing the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act act this year. Due to our work in the labor community on climate justice, we held the labor seat on the State Environmental Justice Task Force, which last fall created a report with recommendations for the HEAL Act. We also lobbied and testified this legislative session to get the HEAL Act passed. Now that it’s under implementation, the HEAL Act will create several new full-time, permanent environmental justice-focused positions across state government to implement HEAL obligations.

To learn more, or apply for these positions, see the following descriptions:

Now Hiring! Postdoc EPIC Trainer 

Empowering Prevention and Inclusive Communities (EPIC) is hiring 2 new Postdoc training specialists! The EPIC program is an innovative peer-to-peer harassment prevention training program jointly run between our union and the university, and was a major win from the most recent ASE and Postdoc contracts. For more information and to apply, you can access the posting on UW Hires (UW Requisition #189319).

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