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Demand UW Allow Trans Students’ Chosen Names on Diplomas

Sign & share this petition and tweet at UW to demand that the University of Washington Faculty Senate expedite a policy change to allow diplomas to reflect to reflect student’s chosen first names, a particularly important issue for many trans and nonbinary students, as well as many others.

Our union has organized for trans and nonbinary inclusion at the University of Washington for years, making important wins on gender affirming healthcare, all-gender bathroom access, and chosen names on the UW course schedule. However, UW does not currently allow trans and nonbinary students to have their chosen first names on their diplomas. 

There is no state or federal law enforcing full legal names on diplomas. While transcripts must reflect legal names, there are multiple universities, including YaleMiami Universitythe University of Missouri, and the University of Denver, that have policies making it simple for trans students to have diplomas reflecting chosen first names (regardless of whether a legal name change has been completed). The fact that UW policy does not allow this is not only an equity issue, but a safety issue for trans individuals. Updating the preferred name policy at UW to be in line with the university’s diversity and equity focus and allow preferred/chosen first names on diplomas is a necessary step that must be completed as soon as possible.

Ballots Arriving soon for the Primary Election in Washington State!

If you’re registered to vote in Washington state, your ballot for the August 3rd primary should be arriving in the mail soon.  If you’re not registered and would like to, you can do so online or via mail by July 26th, and in person by August 3rd (check out this page for more information).

Our political workgroup has been hard at work gathering information about candidates seeking office in key races, and have written descriptions of our UAW Primary Endorsed Candidates for your information when making a decision.  All members are welcome and encouraged to get involved in the workgroup: if you’d like to learn more email <>

August 3rd Primary Endorsements:

  • Lorena González – Seattle Mayor
  • Teresa Mosqueda – Seattle City Council Pos. 8
  • Nikkita Oliver – Seattle City Council Pos. 9
  • Joe Nguyen – King County Executive
  • Sarah Perry – King County Council 3
  • Hamdi Mohammed – Seattle Port Commissioner Pos. 3
  • Toshiko Grace Hasegawa – Seattle Port Commissioner Pos. 4
  • Jake Simpson– SeaTac City Council
  • Oppose Compassion Seattle/Endorse House Our Neighbors Coalition

Preparing for Wildfire Smoke Season

Wildfires in west coast states have increased over the past few decades, and are expected to grow more frequent and intense with climate change. This year, we’ve already seen an unprecedented intensity of early-season wildfires, and experts are warning of more fires and smoke to come throughout the rest of the Summer and early Fall. Much like other climate impacts, wildfire smoke is a climate justice issue and is intimately linked with racial and environmental justice.

There are a few things you can do now to prepare for wildfire smoke, which are outlined in this article. Some key takeaways include:

Other resources can be found through the UW Environmental and Occupational Health,  Washington Department of Health (info available in English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Somali, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Chinese), Public Health Seattle-King County, and the Washington Smoke Blog. For more information, check out this post on our website, and email to get involved!

Union Merch

We are excited to share that we have new UAW 4121 stickers! To grab stickers, a t-shirt, or a beanie (all free to members!), you can email or ask your steward to pick some up for your department.

Final Summer Organizing Training Session Next Week!

The last session of our summer organizing training series for stewards and organizers is next Thursday 7/22 from 5:00-6:30pm! This session will cover mechanics and strategies for developing an organizing campaign and committee in your department. For more information and to RSVP, check out the RSVP form.

If you’re interested in getting more involved with developing organizing trainings, or would like to discuss scheduling organizing trainings in your department, email

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