This summer, we’ve been working on updating our website with some new content and restructuring. We’re making a number of improvements aimed at increasing accessibility of information and ease of use, including:

  • Posting meeting minutes: We’ll have space dedicated to posting minutes from Executive Board Meetings and Membership Meetings. Members already approve all minutes at each membership meeting, but this will make that information available to those who cannot make it to meetings. Because we do not have regular membership meetings over the summer, the Executive Board Meeting minutes from June, July, and August 2016 are already posted here.
  • Improved working group pages: We’re working to improve each working group’s web page to ensure that each has information about ongoing projects, how to get support, and how to get involved.
  • Alternate language resources: We’re developing resources for members who would like information about the union in languages other than English, including a list of 4121 members who speak other languages and are willing to make themselves a resource to others.

These are just a few highlights of changes already in the works! As we make additional changes, if resources you need change locations and you cannot find them, please let us know at