Take Action!  Our Demand to Bargain with UW and Modify the Collective Bargaining Agreement Over Impacts of the Trump Administration Executive Actions

Beginning in November, 2016, UAW 4121 has taken action to anticipate and respond to the Trump Administration’s targeting of immigrant and undocumented populations, and has called on the University to become a “Sanctuary” for immigrant workers and students by taking concrete steps to protect and support impacted individuals.  You can read more about this campaign here.

On March 5, UAW Local 4121 filed a demand to bargain with the University over impacts that have resulted from the Presidential Executive Orders banning travel for immigrants from certain named countries, and changes to University policy.  These changes have adversely impacted UAW 4121 international student members, and so we are demanding that the University bargain over these impacts and change our collective bargaining agreement to ensure protection for affected individuals.

Already we have received significant input from members about the effects of these changes, through meetings held by the International Solidarity Work Group, as well as many individual conversations and the 2/9 monthly union membership meeting.  We also are circulating a survey for additional input throughout the process.

Based on this input the bargaining committee has prepared the following bargaining goals.  We are asking members to vote to ratify them as follows:

The University will modify the collective bargaining agreement to provide the following for individuals impacted by the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban:

  • Guarantee that travel impacts are accommodated with no loss of current or future appointments (with special consideration for Summer Quarter);
  • Provide additional support for health (including mental health) coverage with no additional premiums or copays;
  • Create “Impacts Fund” to provide support for legal, administrative, travel, health care, family and child care, housing, and any other expenses related to Executive Order impacts, including discrimination;
  • Eliminate the International Student Fee for all students;  WON!!!
  • 24hr access to private, free communication infrastructure (to communicate in-country and overseas with family, legal support, etc);
  • Provide a guaranteed academic plan with timeline including reasonable accommodations
  • Provide for permanent destruction of all sensitive personal identification;
  • Provide for full and free transfer of credits to universities in other countries, and provide additional student academic counseling services;
  • Ensure protections for immigrant/refugees in the IRB (Institutional Review Board) process.

After our ratification vote, we will present these demands to the University early in Spring Quarter 2017.  Local 4121 members are always welcome to attend bargaining sessions: check back for updates about dates/times/locations.  The bargaining committee will provide regular updates and, upon reaching tentative agreement with the University, will hold a membership vote to approve any changes to the contract language.

UPDATE: Bargaining Goals Ratification Vote Results

Members have demonstrated overwhelming support for the bargaining goals that were developed based on input from members throughout Winter and Spring Quarter. Nearly 2300 members voted, with over 94% signing on in support. With this strong mandate, we’ll continue to push University administration to make modifications to the collective bargaining agreement so international students affected by the travel ban have necessary support and protections.