UW is part of the All IN Campus Democracy Challenge, and we need keep reminding all our students how important it is to vote.  If you are a TA, or have been a TA in the past, you can EASILY send an email to every student in your current and former classes through canvas.  

  • Simply go to canvas.
  • On the left bar, click  on “Inbox”.
  • Click the ‘compose new message’ icon at the top.
  • Select a course, and write your email!

Here’s a simple template you can use:

Dear students,

I want to remind  those of you who are registered to vote in Washington State that November 6th is the deadline to turn in your ballot.

In this election we are voting on competitive state and local elections that determine who represents us in elected office, and deciding on laws pertaining to air pollution, to gun reform, to soda taxes, and to police accountability.

Your vote has an EVEN HIGHER IMPACT in local and state elections because it does not involve the electoral college.

So please, make a plan to vote and remember to turn in your ballot to any mailbox as soon as possible. You don’t even need a stamp.