At our January monthly membership meeting, UAW 4121 members voted to send support to the people of Flint, MI, whose contaminated water supply has resulted in catastrophic public health consequences. In so doing we’re joining in solidarity with other UAW members; some of whom have themselves been affected in Flint and others who have taken action to help.

As investigations and grassroots activism have revealed additional information about the neglect that led to the crisis – rooted in austerity measures enacted by Governor Snyder and others – awareness is growing that this is a crisis that is not only about Flint. Continued activism is necessary to address the immediate crisis, but also address some of the causes that could easily re-produce such conditions elsewhere.

You are invited to participate in a planning session with other UAW 4121 members about taking further action in response to Flint. This is not intended to be an experts-only discussion. All interested members are welcome to participate in a discussion about the racial, economic, environmental, and labor dimensions of this crisis, and about how our union can take action in solidarity.

If you would like to attend, please take a second to fill out this webform with your name, contact information, and availability. We’ll plan a meeting at a time that accommodates as many availabilities as possible.

Later this week we’ll announce the time and location of the discussion so others may attend.

In Solidarity,

UAW Local 4121