Trans* Affirming Health Care Victory

Great news!  The University has agreed to settle our grievance and make GAIP inclusive of gender confirmation.  As a result of activists on campus in the community – both ASEs and not – who have pushed for inclusive health benefits, transgender UW grad students will no longer be discriminated against by being precluded from using the same parts of GAIP that non-Trans* grads use.  This win makes UW a more just, open, and equitable campus.  Thanks again for all your help!

Monthly Membership Meeting Report

We had a productive monthly membership meeting this past Wednesday (11/12) in which members voted to approve:

  • starting bargaining sometime in the first two weeks of December,
  • encouraging members to become actively involved in every facet of the bargaining process, and
  • initial bargaining demands on which to get broad membership support and ratification

Members are now adding their names to ratify and support these demands. Please take a second now to join in support!

Call for Volunteers to Serve on Bylaws Committee

Also at the meeting members voted to refer to the bylaws committee a bylaws amendment brought by some members to the meeting that would change the composition of the bargaining committee and add some new language regarding bargaining process.  This amendment will be discussed with the bylaws committee and any member who wishes to participate at noon on Monday, November 24th, location TBD.  Relevant documents to be considered include:

We would like to solicit members of the union to be volunteers for the bylaws committee.  If you would like to be on the committee, please contact us indicating that you would like to volunteer (you must be a member of the union to volunteer).  Please do so as soon as possible (no later than Tuesday, November 18th).