Housing Justice

Who We Are

Our Housing Justice Work Group is focused on issues of housing affordability, homelessness, rent control, LGBTQ/youth homelessness, and more. We meet once or twice a month on Tuesdays at 11AM to coordinate our work, and give regular reports at our union’s monthly membership meetings.

Current Work — Get Involved!
  • We’re always open to new members. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, please email housing-justice@uaw4121.org. Some of our ongoing efforts include:
  • COVID response: Suspend rent, mortgages, and utilities. Sign this petition urging Governor Inslee to suspend rent, mortgage, and utility payments during the crisis.
  • COVID response: Tax Amazon, fund relief. Sign this petition urging our city council to fund COVID relief measures for working and ordinary people via a tax on large corporations.
  • Support the movement for rent control and affordable housing in Seattle and across the country.
  • Support tenant organizing, including Tenants Rights Bootcamps in Seattle.
  • Develop bargaining survey questions around housing justice for our upcoming 2020/2021 contract campaign.
  • Develop toolkits and resources for 4121 members to find housing, assert our rights, and support our communities and neighbors—housed or unhoused.
Resources & Information

UAW 4121’s Renters Toolkit
Washington Community Action Network
Tent City 3
Tent City 3 at UW
Washington Tenants Union

Past Work