As you may have heard, grocery store workers at Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer, and Albertsons have voted to strike starting at 7pm tonight if their bargaining team is unable to come to an agreement on a fair contract with their employers by then.

These workers have been in bargaining since March and have voted down multiple unfair offers from their employers that have included significant pay and benefits cuts for workers.  The offers have included a laundry list of cuts for workers such as the elimination of time-and-a-half pay during holidays and the elimination of health care coverage for workers working under 30 hours per week.

What you can do to support your grocery store workers

Most importantly, do not shop at Safeway, QFC, Fred Meyer, and Albertsons in the case of a strike.  A handy map of alternative places to shop is located here.

Write us back and let us know that you would like to join other UAW members on the picket line with grocery workers or at other actions supporting grocery workers.

Follow “Stand With Our Checkers” on Facebook to get updates about what is happening with the strike.

Text the word Checkers to 313131 to get text message updates about the possible strike.