Hate Watch

Who We Are

In his first week of office, President Trump has taken executive action to restrict access to health care, target and detain immigrant, undocumented, Native American, and Muslim communities, threaten jurisdictions who have taken action to protect community members who are targeted, and silence expression (even in agencies like the EPA).  More detailed information about these orders (actually issued or in draft form) is below.

These threats and discrimination have also been active at the University of Washington, where we have witnessed a surge of events that create a hostile and dangerous working and studying environment. We’ve received multiple reports of unacceptable targeted harassment, and are calling on the University of Washington administration to take immediate action to respond, and to ensure that campus is an inclusive and welcoming place. This working group is dedicated to rapidly responding to hate incidents as well as to proactively working to ensure the University of Washington is a safe and inclusive working and learning environment. 

What We Do

We pledge to stand with our community to resist and fight back against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and hate. We pledge to oppose oppressive ideologies and policies not only morally but to commit time and energy proactively to work alongside the communities who are currently being targeted and have historically been oppressed. When we witness someone in our community being harassed, threatened, or otherwise denigrated, we pledge to not be silent and to engage actively. We pledge to not prioritize my comfort over someone else’s safety. We will check in when someone appears to be in an unsafe situation, and ask if and how we can best support them.

Get Support

Contact us immediately if you are the target of discrimination, threats, harassment, hostility, or an unsafe work environment.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in helping with our work, or if you’d just like more information, please contact us at hate-watch@uaw4121.org.