By taking action through our union, hourly Academic Student Employees (ASEs) — including all tutors, graders, readers, undergraduate TAs and undergraduate RAs — have successfully bargained regular increases to hourly ASE wages. For instance, when Seattle raised its minimum wage to $15 per hour in 2014, UW administration argued they should be exempt. But by coming together with other campus groups and unions, we were able to win a $15 minimum wage for all hourly employees at UW, and have since negotiated much higher minimums in our contract. 

As of July 1, 2020, the minimum hourly rate for all hourly ASEs is $16.72

Color photograph of a crowd of ~50 people marching, viewed from the back. Many people in the crowd hold red signs that say “15 Now” and “End poverty wages.” Meany Hall, a large red brick building, is visible in the background.

UAW 4121 members joined other campus groups and unions for a rally in 2015 to demand UW admin honor the $15/hour minimum wage.

Some departments and hiring units pay above this rate, but for many years, did not transparently post those rates. In line with research that demonstrates that wage transparency is a key component to ending gendered and racialized wage gaps, in 2018, we negotiated critical new contract language guaranteeing transparency from all UW hiring units for hourly ASE wages. For more information about your college, department, and/or hiring unit, refer to the list below. 

If you can’t find your department, believe you may be underpaid, or have any other questions/concerns, please reach out to right away for support. 

Questions? Concerns? Please reach out for support at!