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As concerns continue to grow among UAW members and others in the labor community around Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power in this election, we’re coming together alongside our broader labor community to build the kind of mass mobilization and pressure that will be necessary to protect our democracy. This is inextricably linked with fighting against structural oppression, including anti-Black racism, attacks on international workers, and the COVID health crisis. The results of the election are unlikely to be finalized this week and it is essential that we organize now so that we can leverage our power as workers to defend democratic rights and ensure every vote is counted.

For more information, check out the links and resources below. In addition, our Election Response Working Group is holding daily info and action meetings starting today to ensure all members are able to ask questions, get support, and get plugged in to opportunities for taking action. To RSVP and receive Zoom links, fill out this short form.

Election Response Action & Resource Center

Information and resources: 

Key things that every UAW 4121 member can do to take action:  

  • Wednesday 11/4 at 6pm PT: Don’t Let Trump Steal the Election Rally at Westlake Park — RSVP here to get connected with other union members.
  • Attend and/or join the Election Response working group, which is open to all members.
  • Join the Rapid Mobilization Network: In the spring, our Anti-Discrimination Working Group established a network of fellow UAW 4121 members for rapid mobilization to protests and other events, as a way to quickly connect with others on the ground at events to help build safer and more accessible participation. All UAW 4121 members are encouraged to join — please fill out this form and an organizer will follow up with you!
  • Reach out to your colleagues to share these resources.

In solidarity,

Douglas Avella-Castro
Leandro Casiraghi
Amanda Clouser
Monica Cortés Viharo
Max Friedfeld
Vern Harner
Dan Hart
Amzi Jeffs
Sam Kastner
Kyle Kubler
Kristin McCowan
Emily Myers
Anzela Niraula
Jacob O’Connor
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Solmaz Shakerifard
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