Critical Event for International Student Workers
Thursday (10/15) 4:30 p.m. Loew Hall 106

Recently a US District Court issued a ruling overturning the 17-month OPT extension for international students in STEM fields. This ruling will severely curtail future employment opportunities for thousands of UAW 4121 members currently completing their degrees, and can disrupt the lives of those already on OPT.

Tomorrow we will hold a forum to discuss this important development and make a plan of action to restore and improve the program. Please attend this important event.

#weareworkers Day
Wear Your Union Shirt!

Thursday 10/15 is also a national day of action in solidarity with student workers at private institutions like Columbia, Harvard, and Yale who are fighting for the right to collectively bargain. A 2004 decision by the National Labor Relations Board bafflingly ruled student worker teaching and research is not real work, but through organizing and direct action more and more are joining the movement for a union.

In solidarity with these efforts take a minute Thursday to create a social media presence by wearing your UAW 4121 T-shirt and taking photos of yourself doing work, with a #weareworkers sign. Please send any photos to Allison Germain or tweet them yourself with #weareworkers and @UAW4121.


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In Solidarity,

Matt Bellinger
Kristen Dew
Toni Ferro
Kristen Garofali
Alli Germain
Robin Gold
Phil Harding
Bob Hodges
Kristin Lindenmuth
Dylan Mayer
Elizabeth Mills
David Parsons
Viral Shah