Deadline for Applying: July 30th, at 5:00 PM 

Data Engineer / Junior Developer Job Description

UAW 4121 is the union representing 8,000 academic workers (Postdocs, Academic Student Employees, and Research Scientists) at all three campuses of the University of Washington. We are seeking to hire a Data Engineer / Junior Developer to help with supporting data workflows that support the ongoing work of the Local to build our collective power and advocate for fair working conditions, a stronger and more accessible higher education system, and social justice in our community and beyond.

One important way in which UAW 4121 builds power is in keeping track of information important to organizing, which has necessitated a custom software-driven data system. This system involves multiple code bases that reflect a diversity of organizing activities, which includes full stack web applications, data engineering workflows, and downstream surfacing of data in services like Google Sheets. This system is actively developed and changes on a near-daily basis to support organizing with existing and new tools.

As this system is complex and has growing needs, a major part of this position will include learning new technologies and data team needs, particularly through self-directed learning. Local 4121 is seeking applicants who are excited to work together with the team to make plans to learn new tools and frameworks and put those skills to practical use.

Job responsibilities will include

  • Writing SQL queries and maintaining data pipelines
  • Using low-code app development tools like Retool and Tooljet to quickly create bespoke internal tools to support specific workflows
  • Providing substantial support to workflows currently using Google Sheets and the Google Sheets API
  • Conducting exploratory analyses of large data sets
  • Designing new pipelines for a growing number of new data sources
  • Maintaining and improving a full-stack web application (TypeScript), including SQL database migrations.
  • Assisting in maintaining and deploying related services in AuthN/AuthZ, reverse proxies, and docker
  • Document systems and workflows, and provide training to data team members

Desired Professional Skills

  • Strong motivation to protect and expand the rights of academic employees
  • A strong ability to learn independently. This position will require learning new tools and frameworks, and a good candidate will be able to work with the team to identify resources and time needed to learn them, (preferably) in self-guided ways.
  • A commitment to learning the domain-specific concepts and workflows used throughout UAW local 4121
  • The ability to communicate and work with people across diverse disciplines, linguistic backgrounds, workplaces, and identities at UW, as well as the ability to foster empowering and equitable group dynamics.
  • Strong attention to detail, time management skills, and ability to work both independently and as part of a collaborative group.

Desired Technical Skills

  • Proficiency with shell and common command line skills.
  • Strong familiarity with relational databases, including schema management, design, and an ability to become proficient in permissions management
  • Intermediate SQL proficiency, with an ability to quickly ramp up to an advanced level in Postgres
  • Strong data analytics proficiency, ability to use tools such as Python, SQL, and/or R to conduct conceptually difficult analyses of messy data sets
  • Strong Python skills, with experience writing utilities with real world uses
  • Full stack web development skills, including React (or familiarity with a similar single page web app framework) and JavaScript (TypeScript)

A Plus If You Know, or Are Willing to Learn

  • GraphQL (Postgraphile)
  • React (With React Router & Hooks)
  • Node & Typescript
  • Experience with low-code app building tools (e.g. Retool/Tooljet)
  • An understanding of best practice concepts in software development, including object-oriented paradigms, agile development methodologies, and clean architecture principles
  • An understanding of good security practices

Requirements, Pay, and Benefits

Pay and benefits, as set forth in the Local Union Bylaws (Article 20), are commensurate with the pay and benefits received by bargaining unit employees:

  • Pay: Current hourly pay is the equivalent of the 2020-2021 Predoctoral Instructor rate of $38.37 / hour.
  • Time off: Employees receive 20 days of vacation per year, and 7 days sick time..
  • Health insurance: Those currently covered by GAIP are eligible to continue that coverage with premium costs reimbursed by the Local. Otherwise comparable health insurance coverage is provided (premiums covered 100%).
  • Tuition and professional development: Opportunities for professional development may be available with the agreement of the Joint Council. Those currently eligible to receive UW tuition benefits but not receiving them from UW are eligible for tuition reimbursement at the same level as a 50% FTE ASE tuition waiver.
  • Transit Pass: Those not already receiving a U-PASS from UW are eligible to receive a comparable free transit pass.
  • Retirement: Employees also receive a 401(k) with matching benefits.

We are seeking candidates who can commit to working full time for one year at minimum; an interest in staying longer is a plus.


To be considered for this position, please send via email ( or physical mail a cover letter and resume to the Local Union by July 30th at 5pm Pacific time. 

Inquiries about the position may be directed by email to the Personnel Committee at, or by phone to UAW Local 4121 at 206.633.6080.

UAW Local 4121 is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, LGBTQ community members are strongly encouraged to apply.