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Vote! Ballots Due 8pm Today

Today is the last day to vote in this year’s critical Seattle City Council election! Ballots are due — either in a ballot drop box or postmarked — by 8pm.

This is a critical election in determining how Seattle runs — whether it’s a city council that prioritizes working people or corporate greed. The stakes are high, so be sure to get your ballot in asap. If you need a replacement ballot, you can access it online here, or stop by the ballot station on Red Square to print it and turn it in all at the same place.

We’ve endorsed the following pro-worker candidates for Seattle City Council:

  • D1 Lisa Herbold
  • D2 Tammy Morales
  • D3 Kshama Sawant
  • D4 Shaun Scott
  • D5 Debora Juarez
  • D6 Dan Strauss
  • D7 Andrew Lewis

For more information about why we’ve endorsed these candidates, and for a list of all of our endorsements, click here.

In solidarity,

Tina Angerer
Douglas Avella-Castro
Pamela Baker
Leandro Casiraghi
Monica Cortés Viharo
Meg Drouhard
Max Friedfeld
Vern Harner
Dan Hart
Sam Kastner
Kyle Kubler
Kristin McCowan
Emily Myers
Jacob O’Connor
Nayon Park
Marissa Parker
David Parsons
Cristian Proistosescu
Shua Sanchez
Paige Sechrest
Solmaz Shakerifard
Sam Sumpter
Judy Twedt
Jon Witt

UAW 4121 | UW Works Because We Do