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We're proud to be working in coalition with other student groups at UW in the fight for reproductive justice, both at UW & across WA. Crisis pregnancy centers use deceptive tactics to target college students and other marginalized folks to reduce abortion access. A group of UW students joined together to highlight the threat of CPCs near our campuses, and what UW & WA state can do about it. Swipe to learn more, and check out the op-ed at the link in our bio!Today is the last day to take the 2022 Equity Survey! Share your experience before it closesIn 2018, members fought for & won a joint peer-to-peer harassment prevention program, Empowering Prevention & Inclusive Communities (EPIC). Check out some of the EPIC team’s powerful work, and read the 2020-21 annual report at the link in our bio! 4121’s 2021: Our (very busy) year in review ✨ This was an undeniably hard year -- but through it all, UAW 4121 members have continually come together for each other and our communities 🤗 Check this week’s membership email for our highlights from this year!Please 🖊️SIGN & ➡️SHARE this petition to demand that UW allow trans students’ diplomas to reflect their chosen first names. This is an equity and safety issue & must be addressed ASAP!White text on a red background reads "UAW West Coast Academic Workers Housing Justice Convention, Wednesday, March 10th at 5pm PST. RSVP:” Below the text are wheel logos for UAW 2865, 4123, 4121, and 5810. On the right side is an image of tall apartment buildings overlayed with a purple filter.Text on a sage green background reads "Postdocs have reached a TENTATIVE AGREEMENT on contract negotiations!" A small blue UAW wheel logo is in the upper right corner.Good working conditions = good science! "Being a unionized postdoc meant I was able to focus on completing this work-- analyzing data & preparing the publication, and not worry about losing my job during COVID or being asked to work under unsafe conditions." - @lea_casiraghiThis Tuesday & Wednesday, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine are hosting a summit at UW on the topic of preventing sexual harassment in higher ed. ✊ UAW 4121 members will be featured on a number of panels & presentations, and after the summit we're hosting a discussion with Seattle 500 Women Scientists on the power of grassroots action. ✊ For more info & to RSVP, check out the link in our bio!Lost your ballot? Get your replacement ballot from @kcelections at the link in our bio! Be sure to submit by November 5th at 8pm. For a full list of our endorsements, check out our website. ⁠ #GOTV #SeattleElectionsThis election is critical for deciding Seattle's future, so get your ballots in today for @d1forlisa @tammymoralesd2 @teamkshama @eyesonthestorm @ballardstrauss ⁠ ✊⁠ For more information about this election -- including why we've endorsed each of these candidates, a full list of our endorsed candidates, information about how to vote, and opportunities to get involved in political action -- check out the link in our bio. ⁠ ✊⁠ #GOTV #2019ElectionsFrom 2018: “The big lesson of the defeat of 1631, if there is one, may be that before we can get carbon out of the atmosphere, we need to get dirty money out of American politics.” In the past few years in Washington State, we’ve seen a disturbing trend of small numbers of wealthy donors pouring money into defeating progressive local races and initiatives like I-1631. Now, Amazon and other corporations are pouring money into a pro-business PAC to try to defeat a slate of progressive candidates for Seattle City Council. Check out the full article from @rollingstone at the link in our bio. We can’t let corporate greed decide Seattle’s future! In 2018, Amazon made $11 billion in profit but paid $0 in taxes. Also in 2018, they fought to kill the head tax in Seattle, an initiative that would have taxed big business to fund affordable housing efforts. To make sure we elect a City Council that prioritizes workers, get your ballots in ASAP! For a full list of our endorsements, check out our website.“What’s at stake this year is who gets to run Seattle, Amazon and big business and the Chamber of Commerce, or working people." ⁠This is a critical election and we're proud to endorse a huge champion for workers @teamkshama for Seattle City Council District 3! We can't let corporations like Amazon buy the election so get your ballots in asap. For a full list of our endorsements, check out our website & read the full article from @nationmag at the link in our bio. ⁠#GOTV #TeamSawant #2019Elections #WorkerPowerAs we prepare for next year’s contract campaigns, we know we’ll only be able to make wins if more Academic Student Employees and Postdocs are members than ever before. ✊ You can help by talking to others in your department about signing up! Email to get connected with an organizer & find out who in your department hasn’t had a chance to join yet. ✊ If you’re not already signed up, take a couple minutes now to fill out the form at the link in our bio! ✊ #UWWorksBecauseWeDo #UnionStrong #WorkerPowerFrom 2018: “It seems like there’s struggle within the university about who gets to have a say and who gets to control it.”⁠ ✊⁠ We know that collective action and collective bargaining give us more rights and more power. At last week’s membership meeting, we kicked off the academic year with a discussion about why it’s critical to start preparing for next year’s contract campaigns NOW. ⁠ ✊⁠ For more info and to find out how you can help, email! #UWWorksBecauseWeDo #UnionStrong⁠ ✊⁠ Read the full story from @in_these_times at the link in our bio.We had a blast canvassing for Seattle City Council District 2 candidate @tammymoralesd2! Ballots drop at the end of the week for this critical election that will determine who gets prioritized in Seattle -- the corporate elite or regular working people. ⁠ .⁠ For a full list of our endorsements, check out the link in our bio, and to get involved with our Political Working Group, email ⁠ . ⁠ #GOTV #TammyMorales #2019Electionsncreases in temp workers is "a trend that we’re seeing all over the economy as companies try to shed conventional, full-time employees in favor of independent contractors, subcontracted workers, or franchised employees.” ⁠ ⁠ 🔹⁠ We’re facing the same challenges in higher ed and we continue to be in solidarity with our striking UAW family . We'll fight with you until the end! ✊#SolidarityForever #UAWStrike ⁠ 🔹⁠ Read the full article from @theintercept at the link in our bio. Less than a week until our trans resource fair! The fair will feature a dozen local trans orgs and a presentation of results from our 2018-19 equity survey. ✊ The fair runs from 4-7pm on Thursday October 10 in Social Work Building 305. Check it out before/after the first membership meeting of the year, also in the social work building from 5:30-6:30. ✊ More info at the link in our bio!To the nearly 50,000 UAW workers engaged in a nationwide strike against General Motors and Aramark, we send our support from the state of Washington! ✊ Huge thanks to @wa_aflcio and everyone who signed on to this letter in solidarity with our striking UAW family, including @repjayapal @cm.kshama @cmtmosqueda @jkohlwelles and Shoreline City Councilmember Chris Roberts! #SolidarityForever ✊ Read the full letter at the link in our bio!Sign on to this letter today to show your solidarity with our 50,000 UAW family members at GM and Aramark on strike! ✊Click the link in our bio to add your name now #Unionstrong #Solidarity"Every leap forward in our country's struggle for freedom and equality...was driven by collective public action of ordinary people demanding change." 🌱🌱🌱Join us tomorrow for the world climate strike! UAW members in Seattle will be meeting at the University Light Rail Station at 12:30pm. 🌱🌱🌱 Also check out this great article in @urbanistorg by 5 UAW 4121 members on the critical role of collective action in the fight for climate justice. Link in our bio! 🌱🌱🌱 #ClimateJustice #ClimateStrike#Solidarity with 50,000 GM workers on strike today for a fair contract! We stand with our UAW family in this critical fight #UnionStrong #WorkerPower . . Coverage from @detroitfreepress at the link in our bioSolidarity with our union siblings at Kennewick Education Association who are striking today, the first day of school, after the school district failed to reach tentative agreement #unionstrong #redfored Coverage from @tricityherald at the link in our bio.From The Stand: "Union membership in the Evergreen State actually grew in 2018 -- part of a trend that began in 2014. Representation is now close to 20% of the workforce, making Washington the third-most unionized state in the country." Read more at the link in our bio! ▫️ #UnionStrong #WorkerPowerNews outlets have recently started reporting that ICE officers may investigate international students/scholars on OPT. ◽️ Though there haven't yet been publicly recorded instances of this, we're working to ensure international students & scholars are protected. ◽️ For more on your rights and how members can get involved, check the link in our bio and join the International Solidarity Work Group! ◽️ #abolishice #internationalsolidarity #unionstrongSolidarity with our union siblings and fellow educators at @seattleea as they fight for a new contract! #unionstrong #workerpower Link to full story from @seattletimes in bio.Exciting news yesterday as Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution committing to a citywide Green New Deal! Our Local has been on the frontlines fighting with fellow labor and community groups for #climatejusticenow. Check out this article by @crosscut_news for more details (link in bio) and email to get involved! #SeattleGreenNewDeal #GreenNewDeal #JustTransition #ClimateJusticeSave the date for our Fall Trans Resource Fair! We've got a number of amazing groups confirmed including @ingersollgendercenter @genderjusticewa @gaycity @lgbtq_allyship @thenwnetwork and more! RSVP at