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Join your colleagues to ensure that all Postdocs can get healthcare

Your help is needed to make sure that no UW postdoc has to go without healthcare. Make your voice heard by signing our petition calling on the UW administration to stop excluding postdocs who are funded through paid-direct mechanisms from getting the same health insurance that other postdocs get. This policy disproportionately affects international scholars and it harms all of us when any of us are without healthcare. Email the Postdoc Healthcare workgroup to get involved.

This Saturday! UW BLM Public Forum

What: UW BLM Public Forum

Where: George Washington statue on UW Seattle campus

When: Saturday 8/29 at 5:30 pm

This Saturday, 4121 members will be turning out to UW Black Lives Matter’s Public Forum for all UW community members. Please come and wear your blue UAW 4121 shirt to support the critical work of UW BLM! There will also be a mutual aid drive, and please consider donating a few dollars to sustain the purchase of art supplies and equipment for BLM (gofundme: or venmo: @UWBLM).

International Solidarity Workgroup

  • Last week, the International Solidarity Workgroup (ISW) met with key administrative officials who confirmed that no central guidelines have yet been issued about whether/how Academic Student Employees (ASE) could work abroad. In the absence of central guidelines, some departments have offered deferral as an option for incoming students. While these accommodations are necessary, this does not change the fact that nothing the ISW has seen so far permits UW to eliminate or reduce ASE’s appointments, even if ASEs have to work abroad due to COVID-19. In short, departments should not inform ASEs that their appointments will be canceled unequivocally should they work from abroad. So far, UW central administration has not advised departments to reduce/cancel appointments, as this constitutes a violation of our collective bargaining agreement. If you see or hear anything to the contrary, such as a department administrator indicating that your appointment would become invalid if you worked abroad, please reach out to us immediately at
  • Last Friday (August 21), ISW collaborated with other locals to host an info session on Visa & Immigration Updates and Strategy. You can view the Facebook Live recording here. Based on this info session and other inquiries ISW received, we created an FAQ document which is available here.
  • The ISW will continue pushing for a UW system-wide Task Force for international scholars, with actual international scholar representation. Creating a task force is critical to taking proactive measures against the ongoing threats to international scholars. Help us move the UW administration forward by signing our Task Force Memorandum (read here) through this link.
  • The ISW will continue to meet every Monday 11am PST to organize around the rapidly evolving situation regarding international scholars. We will be meeting at a different time (TBD) starting mid-September, given the start of autumn quarter. We welcome anyone who wants to join. If you’re interested in joining now or starting September, please contact us at with your non-UW email address. 

Rapid Mobilization Network 

As a reminder, our Anti-Discrimination Workging Group has established a network of fellow UAW 4121 members for rapid mobilization to protests and other events in the Seattle/Bothell/Tacoma area, as a way to quickly coordinate about upcoming events we want to attend, and to connect with others on the ground at events to help build safer and more accessible participation. All UAW 4121 members are encouraged to join — please fill out this form and an organizer will follow up with you!

In Solidarity,

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