Hello! We are the Postdoc PI Task Force. As a postdoc, having the opportunity to apply for grants and run projects as a principal investigator is an essential phase of our professional development. Article 12.6 of our contract gives us access to apply and act as PIs and co-PIs on externally funded projects, subject to Department and College approval. Our mission is to identify inequities and organize to win more transparent and equitable opportunities for all postdocs on campus by collecting testimonials and clarifying the approval processes across different Departments and Colleges.

Join us!

If you’re a member, you are welcome to join us! Send an email to postdoc.pi@uaw4121.org – we’ll add you to our Google group so you’ll get updates about our scheduled meetings. You’ll also be able to participate in any discussions we have via this listserv.

Questions? We can help!

You can also send us an email with any questions you may have about PI status questions or concerns. One of us will respond within 24 hours, and we’ll work with you to figure out the best way forward. We have also provided some helpful links below.

Helpful links

Postdoc PI eligibility is mainly determined at the Department and College level. Many Departments and even Colleges have unclear, poorly documented, or even non-existent policies surrounding postdoc eligibility to apply for and administer grants. Below is our ongoing effort to collect and aggregate public-facing postdoc PI eligibility policies from across the University.

PI status language from around the University:

Current Campaigns

  • Researching current policies from around the University
  • Creating Documents to streamline navigating the PI status process at the Department and College-level
  • Gathering information and testimonials from postdocs about their experiences in applying for grants as PIs.