Racial Justice

racial-justice-bannerWho We Are

Due to our collective power as a workforce of over 4,500 student workers and the hard-won provisions of our collective bargaining agreement that provide protections against discrimination, harassment and microaggressions, our work group is taking action to address systemic racism in our workplaces and in the broader community. This means that in addition to offering our support to organizations, campaigns and movements, we combat systemic racism as it manifests through individual, group and unit-wide interactions at UW, and also take on policies and practices that perpetuate institutionalized racism.

What we do 

  • Resolution in Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (passed unanimously at the Nov. 2016 Membership Meeting)
  • Eliminate the international student fee. – WON!!!
  • Work in coalition with other labor unions to develop strategies for combating institutionalized racism through collective bargaining agreements and anti-racist policy changes (including housing, trade, transportation, and educational access and affordability)
  • Stand in solidarity with and support movements, campaigns, and campus groups that are fighting against systemic racism.

Get Support

If you have comments, questions, or are experiencing problems in your workplace because of your race or ethnic identity, please email us at racialjustice@uaw4121.org.

In our Collective Bargaining Agreement:
Article 19: Non-Discrimination & Harassment
MOU on Microaggressions

Additional Resources:
GO-MAP (Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program)
Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity
ECC (Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center)
IWRI (Indigenous Wellness Research Institute) – housed in the School of Social Work
Intellectual House
Resources for Undocumented Graduate Students
Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students


UAW 4121 members at the #BlackLivesMatter march organized by Garfield High School

students in November 2014.