It’s time for Postdocs to vote on the tentative agreement to ratify our 2023 – 2025 contract! The wins in this tentative agreement are a direct outcome of our collective power demonstrated during the 9 days we were striking, through pickets, rallies, marches, singing, and more.

Highlights of this tentative agreement (TA) include:

  • Secured minimum pay that keeps up with living wage standards in the Washington State Minimum Wage Act.  Huge win for us and other workers
  • Minimum will have increased 28% by January 1, 2024, and will be re-negotiated before the next increase January 1, 2025
  • Increased childcare fund (to $75,000)
  • Improved fee waivers and visa programs for international scholars
  • Better reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities
  • Continuation of EPIC and provision of access to better tools for identifying and driving systemic change to end discrimination and harassment
  • Improved biking & transportation options
  • Contract becomes effective upon ratification and expires January 31, 2025

With these gains, the Postdoc Bargaining Committee is recommending a YES vote to ratify this contract. You can read a summary of each article in the TA or a pdf of the full TA.

The final decision on ratifying the contract lies with Postdoc members. Please read on for details/considerations regarding the ratification process and how you can vote.

Take a moment to cast your ballot here.

What does this ratification vote mean?  In short, this vote enables Postdocs to democratically make a collective final decision on the tentatively agreed upon contract. A simple majority of voting members determines the outcome of the vote. For the vote to be representative and powerful, it’s critical for a supermajority of Postdocs to participate. In addition, a strong turnout on the ratification vote is directly linked to our collective power to enforce the contract & have a powerful foundation for winning an even stronger contract next time. Spread the word about the ratification vote!

What would it mean to vote yes to ratify this offer? If a majority of those voting accept the tentative agreement, the new contract would take effect upon the conclusion of the ratification vote. A strong yes vote will show that a supermajority of Postdocs are invested and engaged in ratifying this contract now and enforcing it through 2025.

What would it mean to vote no to reject this offer? If a majority of those voting reject the tentative agreement, this means the bargaining team would return to the table with UW Admin, the strike would resume, and none of the TAd articles go into effect (i.e., we cannot selectively approve some articles and reject others so we would bargain the entire contract).

What are the terms of the tentative agreement that we’re voting on? You can read more about the specific terms of the tentative agreement at the following links: PDF of the full Tentative Agreement or there is an article-by-article overview available on the Postdoc Bargaining Center.

How long is the vote open? How will we be notified of the results? The vote will open the morning of Friday 6/16 and will run through Tuesday 6/20 at 5 PM Pacific Time. Postdocs will be notified via email and on the website of the ratification vote results on the evening of 6/20.

Is the ratification vote anonymous? The vote is conducted via digital secret ballot. Organizers will be able to see whether you have voted, but not how you have voted. UW will not have access to information about who has voted.

How can I get additional information?
We’ll be holding Ratification Info Sessions. Below is the schedule of upcoming sessions:

  • Friday, 6/16: noon, 3pm
  • Sunday 6/18: 10am
  • Monday 6/19: 9am
  • Tuesday 6/20: 9am, noon, 3pm

There is no need to pre-register, you can just show up to whichever one works well with your schedule. The same zoom link will work to attend any of these sessions. At each info session we’ll provide an overview of the articles in our contract and there will be a chance for Q/A.

How can I continue to be involved in building our power through the ratification vote (and beyond)?

  • Attend an ‘Organizing 101’ session!
    Missing your buddies at the picket already? Join for the ‘1-1 Organizing 101’ training session to stay engaged with our colleagues. WE are the Union and WE means ALL of us! A strong turnout on the ratification vote is directly linked to our power to enforce this contract, and set the foundation for the next one. We’ll talk about this (and more) in the training session, and the goal is to have a space for all of us as organizers (regardless of experience) to practice & have tools for connecting with our coworkers about the ratification vote as a way of building strong, lasting structures for staying connected and coordinated.
    Times for the sessions facilitated by fellow RSEs & Postdocs are:

    • Friday 6/16, 1pm – 2pm
    • Monday 6/19, 10am – 11am
    • Monday 6/19, 4pm – 5pm
  • Join an outreach & organizing session! More information about phone/textbanking and in-person organizing will be posted in the Slack.
Take a moment to cast your ballot here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to