At the membership meeting on April 16, 2015, members unanimously passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS, TransDev, formerly named Veolia, is a contractor providing ACCESS paratransit service, and remains partially funded by Veolia,

WHEREAS, the French-based multinational corporation, Veolia, is one of the largest privatizers of public services in the world,

WHEREAS, Veolia has a long history of Union busting in Seattle in 2008, user dissatisfaction with Access service under its authority, and a dismal global track record of high costs and fees for poor service and infrastructure maintenance, low wages and cuts in benefits for workers, as well as violations of international law and human rights; and

WHEREAS, members of the Metropolitan King County Council have sent to King County Executive Dow Constantine a letter expressing “serious concerns” regarding Veolia’s effects on the community; and

WHEREAS, UAW Local 4121 is committed to human rights and labor solidarity in a mindset consistent with the UAW’s history of engaging in struggles for economic and social justice; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that UAW Local 4121 call for King County Executive Dow Constantine act to end all its contracts with Veolia, bring all bus services in-house, and to exclude Veolia from bidding on any future contracts in King County.