At the conclusion of tonight’s membership meeting, the Election Committee counted the votes cast by members regarding the proposed bylaws amendments. The tally was observed by representatives both in favor and against the proposed amendments.

On the question of approving the proposed bylaws amendments, the totals are:
Yes : 120
No: 247
Challenged: 30
Challenged ballots included votes cast by those who were not on the membership list and signed up at the meeting. The eligibility of those voters would need to be verified prior to counting. They would have been verified and counted in the event that those votes would have made a difference in the final result. All voting material will be maintained by the Election Committee for archival purposes.

In solidarity,

UAW 4121 Election Committee

Cynthia Bennett
Sean Fujimori
Alice Hofgren
Rafal Kocielnik
Esther Le Grezause
Alex Lenferna
John Lurie