Dear UAW Member,

As you may have heard, this morning the Supreme Court officially voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. This will have far-reaching public health, economic, and social consequences, especially for Black, Indigenous, migrant, disabled, working class, and trans people.

Please join an emergency rally tonight at 5pm at the Federal Building in Downtown Seattle (915 2nd Avenue). Join the Rapid Mobilization Signal group to quickly connect with fellow 4121 members there. 

The time is now to clearly demonstrate that regardless of this decision, we will not accept any attack on reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. Our most powerful ability to respond comes from joining together and taking rapid, unified action. As part of the labor movement, we can and should play an active role in responding to today’s SCOTUS decision. This is how we won Roe v. Wade in the first place – huge movements of regular working people, including strikes, unionization efforts, collective actions, campaigns to fight sexism in the workplace, and more.

Since a draft of the decision was leaked earlier this month, UAW 4121 members have been joining with thousands of others in our communities to build coalition, solidarity, and collective power. This will take ongoing work beyond today, so please check out our Reproductive Justice webpage and email or join the #reproductive-rights Slack channel for more info and to get involved.

In Solidarity,
Justin Applegate
Ana Bennett
Nick Bolten
Jonathan Fisher
Max Friedfeld
Colleen Hoffman
Levin Kim
Avi Matarasso
Nicel Mohamed-Hinds
Erin Morgan
Emily Myers
Amal Nanavati
Anzela Niraula
Marissa Parker
Mark Rafferty
Tahiyat Rahman
Anastasia Schaadhart
Audrey Seo
Jer Steeger
Sam Sumpter
Samantha Thompson
Natalie Wellen
Tricia Wu
Yuying Xie