As you may have heard, UW faculty have begun the process of forming a union. UW administration has responded – as employers often do – by urging faculty to avoid unionizing. Faculty leaders are now circulating a petition urging UW administration to remain neutral as faculty decide for themselves whether to unionize. Please see communication below.

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In Solidarity,

UAW Local 4121

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Dear Friends,After years of contemplating it, UW faculty this year finally committed to a serious campaign to organize a union. Our primary goal is to create a strong faculty voice to protect and defend public higher education in Washington State. We are driven by deep affection for and loyalty to the UW.Unfortunately, UW administration has decided to hire anti-union consultants to fight our campaign. I’m asking you to sign our petition asking the UW administration to remain neutral.In recent years:

  • Between 2009 and 2012, state funding for the UW dropped by nearly half [i]
  • Annual student tuition soared by more than $4,000, and nearly half our students now graduate with student debt[ii]; and,
  • Almost half the UW faculty are now part-time or have temporary appointments[iii].

We believe a more organized, united faculty could help reverse these trends.

Administration’s anti-union tactics are creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, especially among part-time, junior and temporary faculty.

Please sign our petition asking the UW administration to remain neutral and respect the faculty’s right to unionize, free from pressure or intimidation, and “like” the new Facebook page We Support UW Faculty


Amy Hagopian, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Washington School of Public Health

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[iii] See#2

Petition to Support UW Faculty & Their Right to Form a Union

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