Solidarity & Mobilization Workgroup

Who we are

In response to increasing activity in our broader labor community, as well as emergent mobilization needs around large-scale issues like reproductive justice, the Solidarity & Mobilization Workgroup (SMWG) was formed in May 2022. The SMWG is intended as a place where 4121 members can come together to build mobilization and solidarity work on a number of issues on an ongoing basis.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, UAW 4121 members joined thousands of others in Seattle to rally on 6/24/22.

Get involved!

  • Join the workgroup: All 4121 members are encouraged to join the group! We’re meeting regularly over Summer 2022. Email or join the #Reproductive-Rights Slack channel for more information.
  • Join the Rapid Mobilization Network: Members are also encouraged to join the Rapid Mobilization Network. This is a Signal group of UAW 4121 members that enables us to quickly coordinate with each other about upcoming events we want to attend, and to connect with others on the ground at events to help build safer and more accessible participation.

Recent Solidarity Actions & Resources