We’re writing with an update on the Local 4121 Steward vacancy elections now that the period for accepting nominations has closed.
Since the following positions for Steward were uncontested, the following candidates are automatically elected:
  • Region 1 Stewards:  Khayah Brookes, Brad Dickerson, Daniel Bjerre, Justin Reedy
  • Region 2 Stewards:  Megan Karalus, Adrian Sampson
  • Region 3 Stewards:  Jacob Meier, James Chamberlain, Nitya Venkateswaran, Benjamin Snyder, Miaoyu Yang
  • Region 4 Stewards:  Katie Grainger, Bridget Langley
  • Region 5 Stewards:  Tmth-Spusmen “Spus” Wilder
Congratulations to these candidates!
There were no contested positions at of the close of the nomination period.  Therefore, there will be no election as previously announced.
As always, members who are interested in getting involved in strengthening our voice as ASEs should contact the Local at 206. 633.6080 or uaw4121@uaw4121.org.

In solidarity,

UAW 4121 Elections Committee

Katy Lundgren (Chair)
Sima Daad
Eleanor Mahoney
Jason Prantner
Maria Rodriguez
Kristen Thyng