The voting period has ended, and the Election Committee has tabulated and certified the results.


For the two (2) vacant Steward positions in Region 1 the results are:

Ruby Byrne: 45

Elliot Koontz: 27

Ben Maldonato: 9

Marc Vrana: 9

As the two candidates receiving the most votes, Ruby Byrne and Elliot Koontz have been elected as Stewards for Region 1.


For the one (1) vacant Steward position in Region 3 the results are:

Kyle Kubler: 4

Mandy McCourt: 55

Andre Stephens: 53

As the candidate receiving the most votes, Mandy McCourt has been elected as a Steward for Region 3.


Thank you to all the candidates for running, and to all who participated in the election.


In solidarity,

Election Committee

UAW Local 4121

Cynthia Bennett

Sean Fujimori

Alice Hofgren

Rafal Kocielnik

Esther Le Grezause

Alex Lenferna

John Lurie