Dear UAW Member,

Nominations for Stewards and Defense Committee positions in UAW 4121 are open today, May 13th, and will close on May 22nd. This is a great opportunity to take a leadership position in your department or region!

All members who have been in good standing for 90 days (i.e. since 02/21/19) are automatically nominated for open positions in their region/department. This means that you do not have to be nominated by someone else–to run for the position, you simply have to accept your automatic nomination! To accept a nomination for one of the vacant positions below, please fill out the Steward Nomination Form or the Defense Committee Nomination Form by 11:59pm on May 22nd. The timeline is as follows:

·  Nomination Period: Monday 5/13 – Wednesday 5/22 (also deadline to submit optional candidate statements and photos)

·  Campaign Period: Thursday 5/23-Tuesday 5/28 (for contested positions)

·  Voting: Wednesday 5/29 – Friday 5/31 (for contested positions)

·  (all dates extend to 11:59pm Pacific Time)

Questions? Email

Defense Committee Positions

The primary goals of the Defense Committee are participating in and recruiting for solidarity actions with other unions, conducting direct action campaigns in order to strengthen our position as a local, and building links between UAW 4121 and on- and off-campus organizations dedicated to advancing equity and fairness. The terms for these positions are three years.

Open positions by region (if you need to know what region your Department is in, check here):

Region Number of Open Positions
Region 1 4
Region 2 4
Region 3 4
Region 4 4
Region 5 4

Steward Positions

Stewards are responsible for serving as organizers and points of contact for their department. They help encourage people to join the union, spread information about upcoming events, and direct department members to union resources, and help organize the ASEs in the department for collective actions that protect and expand our workplace rights. With the guidance of the contract enforcement committee, they can also represent and support colleagues through the grievance procedure if issues arise. Stewards receive training and support for both of these roles, so there’s no prior experience needed.

The average time commitment is typically low, but stewards should be willing to make time for organizing when needed (e.g. if a department member needs help with an issue, or during a contract negotiation). If you have questions about the position, please feel free to contact us at, and we can help put you in contact with a current steward to chat with.

The terms of newly elected stewards run through May 2022. Vacated spots will be filled by elections–you can still run even if you will graduate or leave before May 2022. Please see Article 10 in our bylaws for more information.

The number of steward positions are determined for each department by dividing the number of its in-unit ASEs by 50, rounded up. All departments with open steward positions are listed below:

Department / Workplace Open
Aeronautics and Astronautics 1
American Ethnic Studies 1
American Indian Studies 1
Anthropology 1
Applied Mathematics 2
Applied Physics Laboratory 1
Art History 1
Bioengineering 2
Biological Structure 1
Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education 1
Biology 1
Biostatistics 1
Bothell 3
Business 3
Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment 2
Chemistry 1
Civil and Environmental Engineering 2
College of Education 3
College of Built Environments 1
Communication 1
Comparative Literature 1
Computer Science and Engineering 5
Dentistry 1
Earth and Space Sciences 1
Economics 1
Electrical Engineering 3
English 2
EO – English Language Programs 1
Evans School of Public Policy and Governance 1
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1
Forestry 1
French and Italian Studies 1
Genome Sciences 1
Germanics 1
Global Health 2
Harborview Medical Center 1
Health Services 1
History 1
Industrial Engineering 1
Information School 1
Law School 1
Marine and Environmental Affairs 1
Materials Science and Engineering 2
Mechanical Engineering 3
Medicinal Chemistry 1
Near and Middle Eastern Studies 1
Nursing 1
Nutritional Sciences 1
Pathology 1
Pharmaceutics 1
Pharmacy 1
Psychology 2
Rehab Medicine 1
Romance Languages 1
Scandinavian Studies 1
Slavic Languages and Literatures 1
Social Work 1
Sociology 1
Spanish and Portuguese Studies 1
Speech and Hearing Sciences 1
Statistics 2
Student-Athlete Academic Services 1
Tacoma 1
Washington Nanofabrication Facility 1



UAW Local 4121 Election Committee 2018-2019
Katie Brennan
Jorge Bustamante
Krzysztof Drewniak
Elliot Lee
Elena Pandres
Marissa Parker
Sam Pennypacker
Katie Reichard